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Our 43mm chips can be ordered in the standard stock lines or completely custom.  Just like the 39's, they are printed on solid high-density, single composition poker chips.  The image is actually embedded into the material of the chip. It is not a label, sticker, or painted/printed on top of the chip. These are not the metal-slugged plastic chips that are used in the majority of home games.

The dimensions of the 43's are: 43mm diameter x 5.5mm thick.  The circumference of the edge is 209.585mm.  Below is a picture showing a comparison of the 39 and the 43.  Our 43 mm chips weigh the same as our 39 mm chips at 10 grams.

Please view the artwork preferences for the 39's.  The same holds true for the 43's other than the differences in dimensions noted above.

Click on the pictures for larger view.

The price for the 43 mm chips are $0.75 per chip with a minimum order of 300 chips.  If you would like to add 43 mm's to a chipset you are ordering, the minimum is 50 chips.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a set.  

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