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Art Deco:

The chips are made from a high density single-composition material to ensure high strength. The artwork is not a sticker or label and is not printed on top of the chip. It is a part of the chip, so the image will last. Compare these chips to Chipco brand poker chips and other casino quality ceramic chips.

  • Available in 6 colors

  • A part of the BR Pro™ poker chip line

  • Full color image is a part of the chip - not a sticker, label, or printed on

  • Linen texture on the surface of the faces gives a great feel to the chips

  • High density material - no metal slug in the middle of the chip

  • Casino level chips - similar chips can be found in casinos worldwide

  • Design is copyrighted


Click on the image below for a larger picture of the chips:

* All prices for 300+ chips include shipping to the USA, Canada, and most of Europe *

Item Price Order:  If you don't see the quantity of chips you would like, please contact me.
Art Deco
Sample Set (six chips)
Art Deco 300 - 499
$0.65 per chip
Art Deco 500 - 999 $0.60 per chip
Art Deco 1,000 - 2,000 $0.55 per chip
Art Deco 2,000+ email for quote All sales are for the chips only.  I do not sell these with cases, cards, dealer buttons, dice or other accessories.


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