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Classic Clay Ceramics:

Owning your own set of casino quality custom poker chips is now even easier. Without going through the time and expense of having custom artwork made from scratch, use the options below to create your own personalized chips. Just from the simple options given there are 10,000's of different possibilities - and that does not include the limitless possibilities of what you can put in the middle of the chips!

These are ceramic poker chips, which are the same kind of chips used in many casinos around the world (such as the Palms and the Luxor). There are no stickers, vinyl labels, hotstamps, or prints on top of the chips. The image is actually a part of the chip.

These custom chips are for those that prefer the look of classic chips that have been used in casinos for decades. Though these are ceramic chips, they mimic the look of the classic clay chips.

To create your own set of chips, choose from the options pictured below. The options that you can choose are:

Available Options
  • The base color of the chip
  • The edgespot pattern
  • The colors of the edgespots
  • Mold pattern
  • Inlay design
  • Layout
  • The text and/or denomination that you want in the middle of the inlay

Base color: C019
Edgespot: E006
Edgespot color: C039
Mold: M013 - B
Inlay: I003
Layout: 004
Text: Slick Betty's - Poker Club & Lounge - Asheville, NC - 50

* this is the yellow chip with brown edgespots below.

Each option can be different for every denomination you choose to have.

When you pay for your order, simply include all of the options for each chip that you want to have made. We will then send you an artwork proof by email to confirm that the options are what you wanted. After approval of the proof, your chips will be produced and shipped as soon as possible. Please allow 1-2 weeks for production. These are custom made for you at the time of your order.

Below are diagrams to show each option available. Click each image for a larger view. To download the largest image available for each option, click here for a downloadable packet.

Edgespot Patterns:


Mold Patterns:


Inlay Shapes:






Here is an example of two sets of chips (each row is a set). As you can see, there can be a lot of variety.

* All prices for 300+ chips include shipping to the USA, Canada, and most of Europe *

Item Price Order:  If you don't see the quantity of chips you would like, please contact me.
Sample Set
$0.00 Samples not available at this time.
Classic 300 - 499
$0.65 per chip
Classic 500 - 999 $0.60 per chip
Classic 1,000 - 2,000 $0.55 per chip
Classic 2,000+ email for quote All sales are for the chips only.  I do not sell these with cases, cards, dealer buttons, dice or other accessories.

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