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39mm x 3.4mm x 10g

Printed on solid high-density, single composition poker chips, our custom ceramic poker chips are high end chips similar to the poker chips used in many casinos worldwide. The image is actually embedded into the material of the chip. It is not a label, sticker, or painted/printed on top of the chip. These are not the metal-slugged plastic chips that are used in the majority of home games.

They are available in two finishes;  The default finish is Linen which is a smooth finish that can be compared to Chipco brand chips.  The second finish is a textured finish that can be compared to Nevada Jack brand chips.  If you have purchased BR Pro chips in the past, you have the textured finish.  Please indicate in your follow-up email if you would like the textured finish.  Otherwise, you will receive the linen feel chips.

CustomChips_Example_large.jpg (196665 bytes)


Preferred file formats: *.psd (Photoshop), *.ai (Illustrator), *.eps (Illustrator and other vector artwork software), *.jpg

Color: CMYK, but RGB can be okay

Artwork must be 300dpi or higher. We can not fix low resolution artwork, so it is best to send the highest resolution you have available.

Size: 39.6mm for the face of the chips. For face artwork that is to be printed on the entire face (no white ring around the outside), I suggest adding a little extra bleed. Just an extra 1.5-2.0mm will be fine.  124mm X 3.3mm for the edge.

If you need basic help with artwork or need more information on the specifications please email me at

If you can not create your own artwork or do not have anyone to create it for you, there are a few options.   There are many extremely talented designers that visit poker chip enthusiast forums and sites such as Chiptalk.Net.  You could also try some of these sites:


There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for different images on the front and back or for text on the edge.  There is a 30 (30 cents) per chip fee for aligned edgespots due to the time consuming nature of the task.  I do not recommend trying to duplicate the looks of a clay chip anyway.  What's the point of wasting all that space?  This is an opportunity to create a beautiful printed design on the full face of the chip instead of a smaller inlay!

Ordering Information:

Ordering custom ceramic chips is very easy. The first thing you must do is order the chips. Do this by clicking the appropriate "Buy Now" button.  If you do not see the quantity of chips you desire, please contact me with the number you would like and I'll send you an invoice through Google Checkout.

After placing this order send us an email to let us know what you will be doing with the artwork. If you need our help with the artwork, include everything you have and then explain what work you would like to have done. If you already have your artwork ready, send it to us by email.

Whether we help you with artwork or you are submitting completed artwork, we will send you a print proof by email. It will be a PDF that will include all chip faces and edges that will print. You just need to send an email back giving the "okay" to print the order.

Once the order has had its artwork approved, it will be placed in our print queue. Orders will ship within 2-3 weeks and will arrive within one week once shipped.


* All prices for 300+ chips include shipping to the USA, Canada, and most of Europe *

Item Price Order:  If you don't see the quantity of chips you would like, please contact me.
300 - 499 $0.75 per chip
500 - 999
$0.70 per chip
1,000 - 4,999 $0.65 per chip
5,000 - 9,999 $0.60 per chip
10,000+ email for quote All sales are for the chips only.  I do not sell these with cases, cards, dealer buttons, dice or other accessories.



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