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Frequently Asked Questions:


Can you describe the ceramic poker chip more?

The chips that we offer are made from a high-density, single-composition material manufactured by BR Pro Poker.

There is no metal insert that many budget chips include for extra weight. Each chip weighs approximately 10g. This is the weight of casino chips. Poker chips from casinos weigh between 9-11g. Heavy weight chips (11.5g+) are falsely advertised. There is no “official” weight and many of these chips are getting to be 50% heavier than the weight of casino poker chips.

The diameter of each chip is approximately 39mm and the thickness is approximately 3.4mm.

The ink used for the print on the chips is embedded into the chip. The print becomes a part of the chip. It can not be peeled off or removed in any way.

The image on our poker chips is printed from edge to edge. The entire face and the edge are customizable, using any and all colors. We can even print full color pictures.


I am a big fan of the Chicago Bears. Can you make chips with the Bears logo on them?

Without written consent, we are unable to print any artwork containing copyrighted images. We will review all artwork and advise any customer that we feel may be infringing on a copyright. If you are a copyright holder and see an image that is being used without your consent, please contact us immediately. While we do our best to recognize copyright material in submitted artwork, it is impossible to catch it all.

This is not only for poker chips meant for resell, but also for poker chips meant for personal use. We are unable to sell any chips with copyrighted images.


How many poker chips should I have for my game?

Although there are recommendations, this is completely a personal decision based on how many chips you want each player to have, how big you think your game will grow, and what your budget is.

Some players like to have a lot of chips in front of them. They could have the same total amount, but it just feels better to have 50 chips behind their cards instead of 10 chips. You will also need chips that are not always in play. During tournaments, you will need higher value chips that will be used later in the tournament. In cash games, there should be a variety of denominations to fit any game you decide to play.

A general recommendation would be:

500 chips = 6-12 players
750 chips = 10-16 players
1000 chips = 15-25 players
1500 chips = 20-30 players


How long will it take to receive my poker chips?

Designing the artwork will vary based on who is doing the design work. Once we receive artwork that is ready to print, all orders will ship within 2-3 weeks. If there are any delays, we will notify the customer. Delivery time by FedEx Ground will be up to a week after the ship date.

Since all orders - including stock designs - are printed on demand, the ship time for each order will be 2-3 weeks whether stock or custom. Occasionally, we will have excess stock design chips on hand so some orders will be able to ship much faster. Sample chip packs are on hand will ship immediately.


Why should I upgrade from my current set of chips?

If you are happy with the chips you have now, then there is no need to upgrade. However, there are several benefits to ordering custom chips.

First, there is the security issue. Any budget chip can be purchased from dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of locations. This means that anyone at your game could purchase chips that match the ones you are using at your game. They could then slip these chips in while playing. With custom chips there will be no problems like this.

Many people don't want to have the “same old” chip that everyone else has. Creating your own custom chips gives you some uniqueness that can really liven up your game.

If you want to have chips that are just like the chips at the casinos, you won't get that from the budget chips. Our chips are just like the chips used in many casinos worldwide.


How easy is it to reorder chips?

All artwork is permanently kept on file for future reorders. After your initial order just order through our website and let us know that you want to use your past artwork. There will be no artwork or design fees since the artwork is ready to go.


I like a design I see on your site. Can I order some of those chips? Or – Will others be able to order my design?

No custom artwork can be used by any other customer except for the customer originating the order. We highly respect the rights and security of our customers so we will not resell the designs of customers.


If you still have questions that have not been answered, please email me at



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