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Our plaques are made of the same material and with the same process as our chips; they are printed on solid high-density, single composition poker plaques.  The image is actually embedded into the material of the plaque. It is not a label, sticker, or painted/printed on top of the plaque.

The dimensions of the plaques are; 84.5mm long X 53.0mm wide X 3.6mm thick.  You can see some examples in the pictures below.  Click on the images for larger views:

PokerRamble_Proof.jpg (112452 bytes)     PokerRamble25000_SizeComparison.jpg (170304 bytes)     PokerRamble25000_Stack.jpg (173038 bytes)

The pricing for plaques is $4.00 each with a minimum order of 200 if just ordering Plaques or 10 of the same design and denomination if ordered with a chip set.  If you are interested in ordering plaques, please contact me.

DD Poker Players and Chiptalk.Net members receive discounted pricing.



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