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Printed on solid high-density, single composition poker chips, the Skyline ceramic poker chips are high end chips similar to the poker chips used in many casinos worldwide. The image is actually embedded into the material of the chip. It is not a label, sticker, or painted/printed on top of the chip. These are not the metal-slugged plastic chips that are used in the majority of home games.

Our latest stock design was carefully created over a long period of time by John Myers (aka austin5string) a well known member of the poker chip community. While this set depicts the Austin skyline, its classic look, bold colors, and clean design will make this set feel at home no matter where that is.

 While each chip shows the same skyline, they all have their own subtle differences. The denominations range from 1-5000 and have no dollar signs so these chips will work for any poker game, whether it be a tournament or a cash game.

* John Myers is available for custom artwork design*

Actual chip pictures - click each image for a larger view:


Skyline_0001_large.jpg (129235 bytes)     Skyline_0005_large.jpg (132749 bytes)     Skyline_0025_large.jpg (142237 bytes)

Skyline_0100_large.jpg (132922 bytes)     Skyline_0500_large.jpg (144022 bytes)     Skyline_1000_large.jpg (142526 bytes)     Skyline_5000_large.jpg (144890 bytes)

Skyline_stacks_large.jpg (349110 bytes)     Skyline_pile_large.jpg (438571 bytes)     Skyline_racks01_large.jpg (240725 bytes)

* All prices for 300+ chips include shipping to the USA, Canada, and most of Europe *

Item Price Order:  If you don't see the quantity of chips you would like, please contact me.
Sample Set (seven chips)
Skyline 300 - 499
$0.70 per chip
Skyline 500 - 999 $0.65 per chip
Skyline 1,000 - 2,000 $0.60 per chip
Skyline 2,001+ email for quote All sales are for the chips only.  I do not sell these with cases, cards, dealer buttons, dice or other accessories.


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